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Yeap, it’s summer holiday (I assume it is summer since every day is a scorching hot day in Jakarta)! Originally, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere since I have a compact semester to suffer through until mid-August. But due to these several days that were so hot, I bought myself a few new tank tops and short pants, and suddenly it hit me, beach!

Yes yes, I am longing to go to a beach this holiday! Those sandy white beach that doesn’t have too many people around, and not the family-friendly type of beach because there will be a lot of children running and screaming around. A bar or pub nearby where I could hit at night, or a small-town library that I can sit through the day and immerse myself in local culture, or a traditional market where the native are very tourist-friendly. LOL. It’s gonna be tough to find in Indonesia.

The above picture is Sandy Cay Caribbean Beach which I obviously cannot afford to go, but it really makes me becoming more and more eager to realize this particular craving. Hahaha..

And to make things even more crazier, I actually have been thinking of going alone! Yes, a solo backpacker. That would be very very adventurous and challenging. But if it’s got to be abroad, then 1 or 2 friends would be nice to have around.

I have been saving for quite a few months (actually don’t have anything to spend on) and I am seriously considering to go after mid-August. It would be awesome if someone can share me possible place I could go. The requirements, according to level of importance: Beach, bar/pub, cafe/library, market.

So.. Anyone?